Platinum Wedding & Engagement Rings

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Advantage of Platinum Engagement Rings

Many couples are ditching gold because they have found something new—something which is more elegant and has high quality. Although gold has been the long standing symbol of luxury in the jewelry industry, platinum is now making its mark. It has its own charm that even gold could not compete with.


If you are planning to get other types of metal, other than gold, for your engagement ring, platinum could be a high quality alternative. If gold can offer lifetime dependability, platinum on the other hand could surpass that kind of dependability. When it comes to durability, the latter can give you a long lasting measure as compared to gold. The heaviness of gold could be easily beaten by platinum as it is a bit lighter. All jewelers call platinum as a forever metal because it could not be scratched, said manager of Rice Village Diamonds, engagement rings Houston store. It is so durable that one cannot even make a crack on it. Unlike gold, platinum is also high resistant to corrosion and fracturing. If your partner is more into dynamic activity, this ring is perfect as it is so dense—which could survey the wear and tear of everyday life.


The value of platinum is so high in the market this is because it is a rare type of metal. If you are going to mind all gold on Earth, it can fill 2 Olympic sized pools. On the other hand, the amount of platinum can only fill the space in your living room. This explains why platinum is highly valuable as compared to gold. But these two metals are both expensive especially when transformed into a fancy black diamond engagement ring. The cost will also depend on the purity of the metal. Platinum that has 95% or higher when it comes to purity is really expensive. This type of metal is perfect for an ultimate luxury wedding engagement.


Of all the luxury metals out there, platinum has the special ability of being hypo-allergenic. This means that this type of metal is safe to wear, especially for people who have very sensitive type of skin. The advantage of platinum over gold is that you can make a ring out of the 95% platinum metal. In the case of gold, you need to mix it with other types of metal just to make it stronger and be able to survive the wear and tear of daily life.

No need of extra-coating

If you have a penchant with pure white type of metal, you are exactly talking about platinum or white gold. But one major challenge in getting white gold is that you need to mix it with rhodium coating to make the metal white. Over time, as the coating will tarnish, the metal becomes yellow again. For the case of platinum, the color will forever be white—no need to rhodium coating.

For nontraditional couples who wanted to do away with golden color, getting platinum for the engagement ring is a perfect choice. Go check your nearest jewelry shop if they have platinum ring stocks.